Introducing the Continuous Learning Liftoff Pilot

Increase employee engagement and retention, cut training time/costs, and drive innovation with a culture of continuous learning.

Helping you win in the global battle for talent.

As a leader of a rapid-growth company in world changing as fast as our is, a primary challenge is attracting, engaging, developing, and retaining the great people you need to sustain this growth without burning yourself out in the process.

We understand how difficult it can be figuring out which emerging strategies and practices will work best for your company. The truth is, the stakes are high. Many very popular approaches are outdated and lead to large amounts of wasted time and resources, low engagement, high turnover, and a failure to adapt to changing expectations with employees and customers alike.

Our proven approach has helped multiple Inc. 5000 and rapid-growth companies to:

  • increase employee engagement by 20%+
  • cut training time & costs by 25%+
  • streamline engaging employee experiences to attract top talent and minimize turnover
  • quickly close skill gaps to effectively manage yearly revenue growth of 120%+
  • increase productivity by 10%+
  • maintain the high level of customer service that got you here
  • free up leadership bandwidth for strategic management  

Similar results are guaranteed.

What our customers are saying:

“In the last year, our business has grown over 120% and our team expanded from 5 to 35 employees, all working remotely. It has been very challenging to navigate through this explosive growth to say the least. Tom and his team provided invaluable support to help us create an engaging culture of continuous learning with an innovative strategy for talent development and performance management that resulted in minimizing training time and driving performance as we continue to grow.”  – Gregg Dean, CEO, Layla Sleep

Read full case study here.


A Proven Process for Building Engaging Remote and Hybrid Cultures that Drive Sustainable Growth

Through our 12+ years of experience in the talent development space, the majority spent working specifically with remote and hybrid teams, we have developed a simple yet powerful process proven to deliver valuable results for you and your team. 

The process focuses on 3 key steps:

The Continuous Learning Liftoff Pilot

We provide a simple yet powerful first step that allows us to establish a relationship with you and your team while proving how we create value for our clients. 

This includes running a pilot program with a small group (4-8 people) from within your team who you believe would be a good fit for leading the way with establishing an engaging culture of continuous learning within the organization. 

The pilot program follows the process detailed above and includes:

  1. Strategy Kickoff: A 60-minute strategy session with key stakeholders, where we will align goals and identify key information to be included in the personalized group workshop to follow.

  2. Team Liftoff Workshop: A 90-minute virtual workshop with the pilot group (4-8 people) where we will focus on aligning values and vision to generate intrinsic motivation and engagement, as well as facilitating strategic thinking around professional development and performance in current roles.

  3. Continuous Learner Mobile App: A 1-month subscription to our brand new Continuous Learner mobile app, where participants will be supported to develop continuous learning mindsets, capabilities and practices, as well as share key learnings and insights with the rest of the team.

  4. Team Retrospective: A 60-minute follow-up team coaching session with pilot participants to facilitate reflection and generate feedback to inform strategies for continuing support.

  5. Strategic Insight Presentation: A presentation and discussion of key insights and recommended solutions/strategies for moving forward, based on participant inputs and feedback.


Investment and ROI

Recent studies show that:

  • On average, a disengaged employee costs 34% of their annual salary.

  • Replacing an employee that leaves the organization typically costs between 50-200% of their annual salary.

Our approach is proven to increase employee engagement by 20%+, minimize turnover, increase productivity and innovation, as well as cutting training time and costs by 25%+. 

Our introductory Continuous Learning Liftoff Pilot offer is designed to prove how we deliver this value while minimizing your risk.

With this in mind, we stand by our ability to deliver real value by offering a 100% money back guarantee if your experience with the pilot program fails to meet your expectations. No questions asked. 

As we are looking to build long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with every one of our clients, this introductory offer is priced to break the ice and not the bank. 

The price of the pilot program is $1495, including the strategy session, the introductory workshop, a 1-month subscription to the Continuous Learner platform/app, a follow-up team coaching session, and a presentation/discussion of recommended solutions and strategies based on participant input and feedback. 

Again, your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back.


Next steps

To move forward, please simply select a time below for your Strategy Kickoff Session

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