We help bold CLOs Drive Business Strategy Impact & ROI by Developing Capabilities and Cultures of Continuous Learning

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Say goodbye to the old ways of workplace learning that lead to wasted resources, low engagement, and perpetual skill gaps.

With over 12 years of experience in the field of talent development, we have helped learning leaders to:

  • decrease onboarding and training time/costs by 50%+

  • increasing employee engagement by 20%+

  • decrease employee turnover by 20%+

  • efficiently closing skill gaps in a rapidly changing environment
Similar results are guaranteed.

What our clients are saying:

“Tom and his team provided invaluable support to help us create an engaging culture of continuous learning with an innovative strategy for talent development and performance management that resulted in minimizing training time and driving performance as we grow.” 

Gregg Dean, CEO, Layla Sleep

If you are:

  • Finding yourself perpetually low on support
  • Struggling to keep up with shifting demands as your business grows fast
  • Challenged to build and maintain a culture that drives engagement and promotes well-being in a fast-paced environment
  • Trying unsuccessfully to find time to train team members
  • Unclear on roles and required skills as you look to promote and hire
  • Losing or worried about losing key team members in a competitive labor market

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Our Proven Approach to Developing Continuous Learning Capabilities and Cultures that Lead to Sustainable Growth

In a rapid-growth DTC environment, conventional approaches to developing talent and building culture lead to wasted resources, low engagement, high employee turnover, and decreasing customer satisfaction. 

We help you avoid these common sources of waste, stress, and burnout with a proven approach to engaging your team in the process and developing the core capabilities that support sustainable growth.

Our Developing Continuous Learning Capabilities & Cultures™ Process

A simple yet powerful approach for driving the engagement, retention, and innovation you need to effectively scale your direct-to-consumer company. 

“More and more, the old ways of building cultures and high-performance teams are becoming obsolete. Leaders who are determined to attract, engage, develop, and retain top talent will need to open up to emerging ways of working better designed for a rapidly changing world.” 

Tom Palmer, Founder | Continuous Learning Facilitator | Performance Consultant | Certified Action Learning Coach

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Take a step toward building the capabilities and culture you need to navigate the next chapter of your DTC brand's growth.

After our confidential, 30-minute consultation, you will:

  • Get clear on cutting-edge strategies for developing continuous learning capabilities and cultures in a rapid-growth DTC environment.

  • Define opportunities and next steps for driving higher engagement, retention, and innovation on your team.

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